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Although it is said that ,,health enters in mouth”, which should not be disputed, still, the growing trend of visiting the spa speaks in favor of the fact that health enters the spa water, mud and air through all pores in our body.

Each spa has its own characteristics and specific water that affect certain diseases, so it is best to do some research on which one would be best for you.


For many years now, the Koviljaca Spa has been considered one of the most curative in the Balkans, and it is particularly prominent in the treatment of rheumatic diseases, all kinds of bone and joint pain, treatment of nervous diseases, but also sterility.

The history of the Koviljaca Spa goes back to the Illyrian era, while the first written source dates from 1533. The very geographical position reflected in the vicinity of the Drina River, the cities of Loznica and Sabac, as well as the Gucevo Mountains, and the Serbian-Bosnian border, contributes to its value both in health and in tourism.

Numerous sources of sulfur water, medicinal mud, which is widely known for its beneficial effects on numerous diseases, favorable climatic conditions, as well as various cultural and historical monuments and even rich nightlife, represent great potential for the development of many types of tourism.


Koviljaca hosts many events during the year, and especially during the summer. The Drina Regatta, one of the most popular and popular water events, organized by the municipality of Loznica, part of its Drina route “Snake” and Banja Koviljaca on Zica’s beach.

Fishing enthusiasts should visit the Somovijada, a fishing competition of catfish hunting on the Drina River, which is growing year by year.

The “Džipijada” is certainly something special in this area, it is a festival that is held twice a year and is a great reason to gather passionate car lovers.

The 14th century Tronos Monastery located near Koviljaca is often visited by spa guests.


The first trench battle ever was fought on the slopes of Gucevo. A monument was erected on the top of this mountain to the brave soldiers who fought in 1914.

The large beautifully landscaped park in the center of the spa is very visited. Within the complex there is a large number of monuments, as well as a tourist attraction, the recently renovated Kursalon.

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