Macedonia, officially Northern Macedonia is a country with a great history, which is not accepted, that is, recognized by its neighbors, Bulgaria and Greece, even today. While the Greeks continue to fight for the history and existence of Alexander the Great, the Bulgarians are fighting to protect their language and culture, which, according to them, was taken over by the Macedonians.

Our neighboring country, although it is extremely close to us and most Serbs pass through Macedonia at least once a year on the way to or from the sea, we know little about it and its attractions. We bring you some of them:

  1. Alexander the Great was the first ruler to be called a “world ruler”. His empire stretched across Greece, Persia and India to Egypt.
  2. Macedonia is one of the countries with the most mountains and mountain peaks. The peaks of as many as 34 mountains are located in this country, and none is lower than 2000 meters above sea level. The highest mountain is Korab, whose peak reaches 2753 meters.
  3. The flag is made of a red background with a golden sun on it. The sun is with eight solar arms extending from the solar disk with an extension to the edges of the flag. It represents the “new sun of freedom”, sung in the Macedonian national anthem.
  4. They became independent on September 8, 1991.
  5. Macedonia has 2 million inhabitants, 1/3 of whom live in Skopje and its surroundings
  6. In Macedonia, most people speak Macedonian (70%), but also Albanian (21%), Turkish 3%, BHS 3%.
  7. Northern Macedonia plays an important transit role in international trade between Central and Eastern Europe and the Aegean Sea (Vardar Valley).
  8. Skopje is considered one of the most polluted cities in Europe.
  9. Macedonian Denar is used in Macedonia (1 € = cca 30 MKD)
  10. Macedonia borders Serbia, Albania, Greece and Bulgaria.
  11. After the defeat of the Macedonian army during the reign of Alexander the Great, Macedonia fell under Roman rule.
  12. Aleva paprika, red, ground, sweet and hot spicy paprika – is an ingredient without which Macedonian cuisine would be unthinkable, as well as a specialty from the previously mentioned and exclusively Tetovo beans.
  13. Mother Teresa is said to have been born in Skopje, Macedonia, one of the most famous humanitarians in the world and a Nobel Prize winner.
  14. Macedonians are officially one of the kindest nations in Europe
  15. Macedonia is popular for various wines and vines, and the most popular is Tikves.
  16. In April 1993, Macedonia was admitted as a full member of the UN, but due to political pressure from Greece, under the name of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).
  17. Lake Ohrid is the deepest lake in Europe and is located between Macedonia and Albania
  18. Skopje has survived several major earthquakes. The biggest ones happened in 518 and 1963, when they destroyed almost the entire city, and in the 18th century, the Austro-Hungarian general Piccolomini ordered the city to be burned. The fire lasted for two days and only stone buildings such as the Kale Fortress managed to survive.
  19. The Vardar River flows through almost 90 percent of the territory of Macedonia and flows through almost all major cities, including Skopje.
  20. The minimum salary is around € 200, and the one who earns € 400 is a happy Macedonian
  21. Macedonia is called the land of the rising sun
  22. The most popular cities in Macedonia are Skopje, Ohrid, Kumanovo and Strumica.

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