At the crossroads, on the coast of the river Vardar, is the city of Skopje. The most famous monument in this city is the fortress Kale, on the hill Gradište, which is believed to have been the place of the coronation of Emperor Dušan in 1346.

The Stone Bridge is also recognizable, which is also called Dušan’s Bridge.
Tourists have access to numerous galleries and museums such as the Archaeological Museum, the Holocaust Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art. The biggest attraction is the National Gallery of Art Daut Pasha Amama, which in 1948 was turned into a gallery, but also a space for numerous concerts.

Not far from them, there is the Macedonian Philharmonic, as well as the Macedonian Opera and Ballet.
In Skopje, the birthplace of Mother Teresa, there is also her memorial house, whose architect was Vangel Božinovski.
This city can also be said to be a city of bridges. While it connects numerous cultures and religions, it is adorned with numerous bridges, such as the Bridge of Civilization with sculptures of numerous historical figures, but also the Bridge of Art, on which is a monument dedicated to Tose Proeski.

Similar to the Istanbul Kapalicarsi, here is the old Skopje bazaar, where you can find handcrafts and souvenirs.
It is not the only association with Istanbul. Mustafa – Pasha’s mosque is one of the most beautiful Islamic landmarks in this city.
Tourists can also visit the Orthodox Church of the Holy Savior, as well as the Church of Clement of Ohrid, which stands out for its richly decorated dome.
The spirit of Paris is also felt in this city – Porta Makedonija, reminiscent of the Triumphal Arch, and passing through it leads to the central square, where visitors are amazed by a magnificent monument to Alexander the Great. There is also a famous fountain.
Gourmets will be pleasantly surprised by the rich offer of food and drinks in numerous restaurants and pubs, from Turkish pideas, local cuisine and Macedonian specialties, to the famous delicacies of the third year.

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