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Time and way of life often do not leave room for rest and relaxation. Work-house-shop, a regular daily routine where very little time is left for friends, vacation or some kind of entertainment that everyone will enjoy. In the last few years, the idea of ​​team building, ie gathering of colleagues outside working hours in order to relax and get closer through interesting activities, has become more and more common.
There are various locations in Serbia where such gatherings can be organized, but one of the most common choices of companies for the ideal team building is Tara rafting.
Untouched nature, crystal clear water of the river Tara and its sparkling rapids are the perfect combination for all people with an adventurous spirit, eager for new challenges, adrenaline and active vacation.Tara is about 146 kilometers long and flows through Montenegro, and the last 40 through Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the same time, the last 25 kilometers, with interesting rapids and obstacles, and its canyon are the most attractive part for rafting.

Tara river canyon

Rafting is a sport in which a group of at least four and at most 12 people go down the river rapids in a rubber boat, specially made for wild and fast waters. Previous experience is welcome, but not required.
Each boat has its own skipper, an experienced rower who will inform you in detail about everything that is important for the descent before it starts, as well as during the adventure itself. In addition to managing the boat, he is also in charge of your safety.Necessary equipment includes a life jacket, a neoprene suit, boots and a helmet. One rafting tour – with breaks for swimming, painting and enjoying nature – lasts an average of four hours.
Organized rafting is definitely the most exciting in early spring, while in summer the water level of the river begins to fall, so this period is ideal for those less experienced.
About the situation and the global pandemic we have been going through in recent months, it is unlikely that this type of entertainment will be available in the near future, but as soon as the conditions are provided, try this type of entertainment.

Tamara Roksandić

Photo: pixabay

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