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Pets and travel: A combination that allows you to travel the world for free

We live in a time where traveling can be a luxury, especially if we want to visit popular destinations such as London, Paris or New York. It is almost impossible to find accommodation for less than 100 euros per night, and even that would be outside the city, not to mention the amenities and cleanliness. But did you know that there is a way to travel almost completely for free around the world? If you love animals, keep reading…

Pet sitting and traveling are two things that may seem incompatible, but they can actually go hand in hand. If you are a pet lover and enjoy traveling, pet sitting can be a unique way to explore new places while taking care of someone else’s pets.

More and more people are choosing pet sitting as an alternative to traditional boarding, and it’s not hard to see why. Not only can you spend time with amazing animals, but you can also save money and experience a more authentic side of your destination.

The platform “” allows you to travel for free in exchange for taking care of someone else’s pets while the owners are away.

Here, pet owners can connect with reliable pet sitters who will take care of their pets while they are away, usually in exchange for a free place to stay. This type of agreement benefits both parties; the pet owner can travel worry-free, and the pet sitter gets free accommodation in the pet owner’s home.

The main advantage of using this model for pet owners is the peace of mind that comes with knowing their pet is well taken care of while they are away. Moreover, they don’t have to pay for expensive hotels or pet sitters, which makes it an affordable option for those with a limited budget.

Of course, besides pets, you are also expected to take care of plants. Watering flowers and cleaning up after yourself are self-explanatory, but some accommodations and families even provide weekly house or apartment cleaning. All in all, it’s a great way to travel cheap!

Before getting too excited, there is a catch – and that is the annual membership fee you have to pay to use the portal. The price is symbolic and amounts to $199 per year, which is a mere trifle compared to paying for hotels.

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