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There is a popular belief that this area was named after a brave and determined girl, and the sad story that has remained to this day tells us about the love of that frequent girl for her country and people.


Once upon a time, the Turkish pasha conquered all the villages in this area in his rush, he fell in love with a girl, for whose love he wanted to do everything. Her father did not allow that, and neither was the girl herself, especially because of the different religions between her and the Turkish conqueror. An agreement has been reached. If she agrees to be his wife, he must guarantee by contract that the entire region will remain Christian and will not be forcibly inhabited by the population from Turkey. The contract was signed, and the girl then took her own life with a knife. Pasha decided to respect the given word out of love, so from those days the whole area was called Marijovo.

Historically, culturally and naturally rich area, one of the most picturesque in Northern Macedonia with an incredible landscape of inestimable natural beauty. There are many villages and hamlets in this area, 29 of them to be exact, but unfortunately most of them remained completely deserted.


One of the largest villages is Vitoliste, located 46 kilometers from the town of Prilep, and was built at a height of 830 meters. This village is described in numerous stories and poems, and its rural everyday life today provides an excellent vacation for tourists and travelers.

Macedonia is rich in ecologically clean pastures, and the very specific flora of pastures gives a special taste and aroma to raw and pickled products produced in this area. The village is best known for Marijovski bijen and white cheese, local delicacies that are made exclusively there, and other delicacies will satisfy even the most demanding tastes.

This part of the country is today a famous tourist destination. More and more tourists from the region are turning to eco-tourism and nature, and everything in this area is dedicated exclusively to healthy living in the true sense of the word. The beauty and archaicness of this region was also recognized by the celebrated director Milčo Mančevski, who presented the beauties and customs of this part of the country with special attention.

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