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Serbia has a long tradition of wine production, several thousand years ago in this area are grown about 50 varieties of vines. One of the developed branches of industry is wine tourism. Many wine-growing areas are adorned with luxurious wineries, and in addition to a rich offer of wine and delicious food, there is also an unusual and unique trend in preparation.

It is a massage with grape seed oil and baths in wine. The key ingredients are polyphenols that detoxify the skin, stimulate circulation, and thus better oxygen flow.

Wine therapy is much more than pouring bottles of wine into the bath – it involves a bath of pulp and the remaining parts of the wine-making process, which are mixed with warm water and have a beneficial effect on the body.

The idea of ​​a wine spa treatment dates back to the Middle Ages, when pure water was a rarity, which is why many decided to consume wine instead of water.

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