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It is known which spa in Serbia bears the epithet “queen of spas”, but did you know that in our country there is a spa called “Royal Spa”?

It is Ribarska Banja, which was gladly visited by members of both Serbian dynasties. The Serbian prince Miloš Obrenović was the first to wish to determine the healing properties of the spa water, and on his order it was sent to Vienna in 1834 for analysis. That year is most often mentioned as the year of the beginning of the development of this place as a spa, and in 1852, Aleksandar Karađorđević also visited it. He also ordered the construction of a new, at that time more modern bathroom. Only two years later, the spa got its first doctor.

However, it was noted that King Petar Prvi Karađorđević, who stayed in it very often, especially loved and appreciated the healing properties of its waters. Even on August 25, 1913, in Ribarska Banja, he signed the Declaration on the return of Kosovo and Metohija to the motherland of Serbia. He is also considered the main “culprit” for the sudden construction of facilities in Ribarska Banja and its subsequent development as a health center.

With as many as six thermal springs, it is one of the most famous climatic health resorts. It is a little less than 300 kilometers away from Belgrade, and about thirty kilometers from Krusevac. The position itself is one of the so-called air spas, because it is located at the foot of the famous mountain Jastrebac (more precisely on its massif called Veliki Jastrebac), with only 280 inhabitants according to the last census.

According to many experts, the medicinal thermal mineral waters that spring in it can be compared to the waters of the French Pyrenees, which is why it is one of the best spa spas in our country.

The history of Ribarska Banja, as well as many others located in Serbia, dates back to the distant past. It is assumed that the treatment in it began in the 4th century, when this area was inhabited by the Romans, although there are claims that the healing properties of its waters were known before.

The name Ribarska Banja comes from fishermen who fished for fish of exceptional quality at nearby springs, especially trout. That catch was mostly sent to the cooks at the court of the great Serbian prince Lazar.

According to some historical research, the first bathroom was made in the time of Empress Milica, who nurtured her beauty in it.


During the rule of the Turks, the spa got a hammam, that is, a Turkish bath where only the richest came.

What is treated in Ribarska Banja?

After bone surgery or conditions after bone fractures, doctors will usually recommend Ribarska Banja as an ideal place for recovery. The Special Hospital for Rehabilitation treats almost all bone diseases, all three forms of rheumatism, spinal deformities, joint injuries, hemiplegia, hemiparesis…

Since the spa is located at an altitude of 540 meters, surrounded by dense forests, pleasant sub-mountain climate and fresh air, it is also recommended for some patients with mild lung problems.

Thermal springs, swimming pools and bathtubs


As we said there are six thermal springs of sulfur medicinal water in the spa, the warmest of which reaches temperatures of an incredible 42 degrees Celsius, while in the others they range from 25 to 37 degrees. The only source with colder water (around 16 degrees) is used for drinking.

There is one indoor pool and several bathtubs in the treatment center. For all visitors in the summer months, a large outdoor pool is available, and fun for the little ones is guaranteed. Numerous wellness services are available to visitors: massages, saunas, steam bath, salt room, facial and body treatments, gyms.

From March to September, various bazaars and events are organized, the most famous of which is the Cultural Summer. Ribarska Banja is a perfect choice for all lovers of folklore, performances by various artists and local specialties.

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