Paris for every budget: Map of cafes offering coffee from 1 euro

Despite being one of the most expensive cities in the world, Paris offers coffee for 1 euro in numerous cafés. With an interactive map, recently updated in May, the Paris City Council is making efforts to ensure that this affordable option remains available.

Local Parisian authorities decided to assist both residents and visitors of the French capital in experiencing pleasant moments with accessible coffee prices. Hence, ten years ago, they launched the initiative to mark locations on the interactive tourist map where this favorite beverage is offered for 1 euro. Despite the significant increase in coffee and espresso prices due to last year’s rising inflation, some cafés in Paris have managed to maintain affordability and continue to serve espresso for 1 euro.

The tourist map is supported on the official website of the Paris City Hall, and citizens themselves can update and expand it with new hospitality venues.

For instance, if you happen to discover a lovely place serving coffee or espresso for 1 euro, you can enter the name and address of the establishment on the map. Additionally, visitors can leave comments to provide more insights about the quality of service offered at that particular café.

Général Beuret is one of about 80 cafés in central Paris that still serve espresso at the favorable price of 1 euro, according to the interactive map created by the Paris City Council a decade ago and recently updated.

“We are one of the local bars in the neighborhood, and we have many regular customers who come for various reasons,” says Emili Žoli Nikolas, the 27-year-old tavern manager. “The fact that coffee is only 1 euro ensures that our counter is always filled with customers who come before work.”

To enrich the map, the Paris City Council invites followers on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook to share taverns, bistros, cafés, and restaurants that still offer coffee for 1 euro. The list is expanding, but it is not final, as the city continues its search. “We still need your help: share your favorite places!” is stated on the Paris City Council’s website.

As expected, finding inexpensive coffee can be challenging in the areas surrounding the Eiffel Tower, while in the northern and northeastern parts of the city, which are less frequented by tourists and where accommodation is more affordable, there are considerably more such establishments. Only 19 cafés south of the River Seine offer coffee at that price, while three times as many are found north of the river.

In contrast, espresso in some well-known tourist cafés in Paris can far exceed that price. For example, espresso at the renowned Café de Flore in chic Saint-Germain-Des-Prés costs 4.90 euros, and at La Rotonde in Montparnasse, it costs 3.50 euros.

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