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Although it is considered to be the largest among the karst mountains, it still seems that the Beljanica mountain has been unfairly neglected. The width of this mountain is on average about 12 kilometers, while it stretches for about 25 km. The highest mountain peak is located at an altitude of 1,139 meters.

Žagubičko vrelo

In the southern part of Žagubica, about a kilometer away from the center, there is the spring of the river Mlava or Žagubica spring. It is located at the foot of the mountain Beljanica. The color that you will see if you visit Žagubičko vrelo will surely leave you breathless. The transparency of the water is up to 10 meters, and the average temperature is between 9 and 11 degrees.

Due to the fact that water erupts on the surface very imperceptibly at the spring of Mlava, it rarely gets muddy, so it is not surprising that its transparency is between 4 and 10 meters.

Wealth of waters on Beljanica

Although there are many underground watercourses, Beljanica is a mountain that can boast of numerous surface watercourses. There are a lot of sinkholes here. And precisely because of the entire landscape, the waters on this mountain are considered extremely clean. It is even possible to drink directly from the river or stream in certain parts.

In addition to other sights, in the area of ​​Beljanica there is also the Resavska cave, but also numerous caves that are not particularly well researched. One of them is a cave called Velika Atula, which is located in the limestone ridge of this mountain and is about 560 m long. For this reason, this cave is considered the largest in the area.

We should also mention the so-called Vlach cave, as well as the Pioneer cave, and the cave called Ivkov ponor and many others, which Beljanica abounds in.

It is also interesting to note that the largest cave in the area of ​​Beljanica, Velika Atula, has not yet been fully explored. However, in that part that the experts researched, a special species of centipede was found, which do not have pigment and which are now still an unknown species.

Otherwise, it is assumed that this mountain was named after the whiteness, which is specific to its top.

And in addition to all the mentioned attractions, Beljanica can also boast of the waterfall Lisine or Veliki Buk, as well as the river Vrelo or Godina, which is exactly 365 m long and on which this waterfall is located.

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