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New issue of Balkan travel magazine - National Parks of Serbia

Yesterday at the Zepter Hotel in Belgrade, the promotion of the new issue of the Balkan travel magazine was held with the theme National Parks of Serbia. The magazine is dedicated to presenting national parks and the importance of their protection. Eminent guests from the field of environmental protection and tourism spoke at the promotion.

Sara Pavkov, State Secretary of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, stated that the Ministry and the Government of Serbia aim to expand the state’s protected areas to nine percent.

“It is an honor for me to attend the promotion on behalf of the Ministry, which, to the satisfaction of Minister Irene Vujović and my personal satisfaction, mentions the beauties of all five national parks and two future ones. The modern form of park protection began in the mid-19th century, and now that process has evolved significantly. From the 2015 Law on National Parks, they represent integral parts of sustainable development. The Ministry of Environmental Protection, with the support of the Government of Serbia, is intensively working on expanding the areas under state protection, and our goal is to expand those areas to nine percent. Our country can boast exceptional beauty, and our goal is to preserve it. Our descendants will thank us if we save the disappearance of wolves, eagles, or other protected species. We have no right to deprive our descendants of enjoying Sopotnica or Pešter,” concluded Sara Pavkov.

Basel Salah, Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to Serbia, emphasized the cultural similarities and common values ​​of the two peoples and announced a series of cultural activities between Serbia and Egypt to mark the 115th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations.

“I must mention that this year marks the 115th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Egypt and Serbia. Both countries are working to mark this jubilee through a series of cultural activities in Cairo and Belgrade, as well as to take this opportunity to review current relations between the two countries with the aim of assessing the potential for future cooperation and working on means and measures for the benefit of the countries and their people,” concluded the ambassador.

Živko Cvetković, Director of the National Park Fruška Gora, thanked the magazine’s publisher and emphasized the importance of joint work in protecting natural assets, as well as plans to raise the level of protection in NP Fruška Gora.

Ksenija Konić, Executive Editor of the magazine, thanked the Ministry of Environmental Protection for their support in publishing the magazine and emphasized the importance of its role in promoting tourism and protecting Serbia’s natural resources.

The publisher of the magazine is Red Press, and this issue was supported by the Ministry of Environmental Protection. The new issue of the magazine represents not only tourist attractions but also the importance of protecting natural resources in Serbia. This magazine promotion contributed to raising awareness of the importance of protecting natural resources, preserving nature, and sustainable development.

The promotion was hosted by television presenter Sanja Lubardić, and the event was attended by a large number of famous personalities, representatives of the Embassies of Egypt, Greece, and Slovenia, as well as representatives of the business community in Serbia. The promotion was attended by Ivana Žigon, Vjera Mujović, Tihomir Stanić, Milan Bosiljčić, Danijela Pantić, Olivera Jovićević, Andrija Jorgić, Ljubica Vraneš, Đorđe Pavlov, and many others.

This sixth issue of Balkan travel magazine is available at newsstands throughout Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and North Macedonia.

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