Tonight, if the situation was common throughout Serbia, the Orthodox New Year’s Eve would be celebrated. However, as epidemiological measures and bans on gatherings are in force, Serbs will mark this date with their closest family.

Novi Sad made sure that we do not forget the feeling of celebration, so it prepared a unique program for tonight.

The audience will be able to follow all the concert content through online platforms. The main stars of the reception, which is being organized by the European Capital of Culture for the fourth year in a row, are the famous violinist Stefan Milenković and “Electric Orgasm”.

The concert halls will be empty, but the reception itself will remain the same, with many performances recorded at 10 locations, for which the organizers of the unique endeavor took a month. The programs start at around 3:30 p.m. Somewhere around ten o’clock of the program awaits us and through the performances of these performers, new spaces in Novi Sad will be presented.


According to the old Serbian calendar, we will celebrate the year 7529 with Stefan Milenković, who moved to Novi Sad, where he will be a professor at the Music Academy, as well as the manager of the new City Concert Hall.

A special guest at the concert is another new professor at the Music Academy in Novi Sad – Vasil Hadzimanov, who will teach the elective subject of jazz piano, harmony and improvisation in the future.

Also, as part of a special New Year’s program, the cult Yugoslav band, which was founded on January 13 and will celebrate its 41st birthday, will perform. It’s an Electric Orgasm. The members of this band will perform for the first time without an audience physically in front of them, and they point out that it is a challenge for them, but that they will try to perform as well as possible and thus contribute to making people feel better and more beautiful.

The reception can be followed through the site, while the concert of Stefan Milenković will be broadcast by the Second Program of RTS from 8 p.m.

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