The previous year and the pandemic deprived us of our favorite summer destinations, but still the most resourceful managed to enjoy the charms of the sea during 2020 as well. Tourists from our country were not conditioned by PCR tests, and many are delighted with the shores they never dreamed of.

Apart from the Adriatic, Albania also has access to the Ionian Sea. It is a destination that was especially well visited by our tourists this year. Truth be told, and in light of the current situation, this is a country that did not submit a request for mandatory testing to Serbian tourists, which resulted in much better attendance than usual.

Resort near Corfu


With about 300 sunny days during the year, the resort of Saranda is one of the most visited on the Ionian coast of the country.

The city itself has about 35,000 inhabitants. The climate is Mediterranean and the water is very warm. The most famous beaches in and around Lukovo, Ksamil and Dhermi.

In addition to enjoying the beautifully landscaped beaches, tourists can also explore the many sights of Saranda. There is an old fortress that towers over the place, then numerous museums and the Butrinit National Park, which is located in the immediate vicinity of this summer resort.

The most visited city on the Adriatic


Since the entrance to the sea is gradual on many beaches, families with small children can especially enjoy it during their vacation in Durres. The most famous beaches in this Albanian summer resort are Golemi and Mali Robi, which are not very far from each other. Near Durres is the beach Spilje, which is considered one of the most beautiful on the entire Adriatic coast.

North of the place there are beaches, which are known for their deeper water.

The most beautiful beaches on the Ionian coast


Thanks to the later development of this resort, Himara offers tourists the enjoyment of untouched nature.

And some of the most beautiful beaches on the coast of the Ionian Sea in Albania are located in Himara and its surroundings.

As the majority of the population of this resort declares themselves as Greeks, tourists have the opportunity to enjoy the traditional Greek taverns, which mostly serve the specialties of the Greek national cuisine.

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