As winter finally knocked on our door, the tourists headed to the mountain centers where they will spend their winter vacation. In recent weeks, in the mountains throughout Serbia, there have been frequent cases of searching for tourists who voluntarily went on long walks or went on a ski trip, and then got lost.

During the year, GSS members care for more than 1,000 injured on ski slopes and inaccessible mountain terrains, and have more than 50 searches and rescue operations.

Amazed by the photographs and recordings of the natural beauties of Serbia, many decided to set off on the path of the Serbian mountains, but without any prior knowledge about going on this unusual adventure.

Although hiking is one of the most beautiful sports, because it is beneficial for both the body and the psyche, it is not at all safe to go to the top without prior preparation. To not be one of such tourists, read the following instructions and be ready to start your hiking adventures:

  • You don’t go to the mountains alone. The group should have a minimum of three members
  • Plan your activity
  • If you are going to this area or hiking trail for the first time, contact your local mountaineering association
  • Check the weather forecast
  • Bring enough water and food for the whole day activity and something in reserve that you will just “walk in your backpack”
  • Bring a first aid kit according to your first aid knowledge
  • Bring a headlamp
  • Inform one of your friends / relatives about your plans and activities, mention their planned route
  • Charge your phone before starting an activity and save battery
  • Save the Mountain Rescue Service number – 062-464-646

Don’t forget what is just as important as following the rules when going to the mountains – enjoy this activity!

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