Last year left a bitter taste in our mouths, considering that a very small number managed to travel for summer vacations or any other tourist destination. As January 1 struck, the desire of many was for the borders to open and for us to be able to enjoy traveling again.

It seems that our destiny has smiled on us, and that this year we will be able to travel to foreign countries, if the situation with the covid virus is stable in our country. This year, the citizens of Serbia will be able to go on vacation to Greece, and the only condition for now is proof of vaccination.

Greek Minister of Tourism Harris Theocharis stated that the Greek sea will be available to the citizens of Serbia this year, the only thing is that every tourist must submit proof of vaccination.


All citizens in Greece receive a digital certificate after vaccination, and similar certificates are planned to be introduced by other European countries, and mutual recognition of the certificate between the country of departure and the country of destination of tourists is already being widely negotiated.

This kind of news is an excellent and optimistic sign for all citizens of Serbia who bought or reserved their summer vacation arrangements last year, and now they are already thinking about unrealized vouchers that tourists received from agencies.

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