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Coronavirus has changed people and habits by “180 degrees”, and catering is certainly one of the most affected industries. What will remain as a consequence of the global pandemic is certainly alienation in a certain way and the increasing use of online platforms. So people came up with the idea to create a real atmosphere for themselves and drink a glass, two of good wines and talk to friends or family through some of the applications.

One of the terms in the world of wine that is becoming more and more popular every day are “wine tasting rooms”. This term means virtual wine tasting, as a kind of way to connect and discover new things related to wine, as well as to learn new things about a favorite product.

Tasting rooms may not be everyone’s favorite, but for now it is the only right way to educate people by socializing and gathering, in order to open vistas and spread, above all, healthy optimism. There are more and more events like this, and many of them include celebrities who are in fact the hosts of the virtual tasting itself.

Some of these gatherings are free, ie only participation, while a good part of such events include sending certain wines to your home address, as part of the education and tasting package. Such events are paid for, a certificate of participation is obtained, they are most popular in the United States, but also in other European Union countries, so such a trend has not bypassed Serbia, a country that has been successfully positioned as a country with exceptional quality wines for several years.

In the past few months, this trend has been spreading in our country as well. Every month, there are certain wineries that present their wines to people who sit in the warmth of their homes and drink wines that have previously arrived at their addresses. Take the opportunity to expand your knowledge about Serbian wines and wine culture in your home, in society or on your own.


In January, the month of big holidays, enjoy the aromas of wines from Župa and the first organic Serbian wines from the beautiful blue Danube through the ZOOM platform and the portal, because the “Čokot” and “Plavinci” wineries reveal their secrets. Sign up, order wines, and when they arrive, all you have to do is open them, pour a glass and connect with the authors of intriguing and original labels via the Zoom app on your phone or computer. Meet them, ask everything you are interested in, hear interesting stories about the history of viticulture in the region from which the grapes come, the production techniques and the reach of these unique wines and winemakers that we have chosen for you.

On Saturday, January 16, at 7 pm, meet the “Chokot” wines from the village of Starci near Aleksandrovac, which in 2016 took the name of the best small winery in Serbia and brought a real revolution when it comes to the quality and style of Prokuplje and incense in Župa. It should be mentioned that the pure buyer of this winery, according to the choice of Decanter and Master of Wine Kerlojan Gilbi, is ranked among the 12 best wines from the former Yugoslavia. Applications are accepted until THURSDAY, JANUARY 14. The price of the tasting with delivery to your address of one bottle of each label and a link for online attendance at the tasting is 6,900 RSD. Payment is made upon delivery of the wine.

Meet the Plavinci organic winery on Friday, January 22 at 7 p.m.

It will be an exciting encounter with organic, really special wines from the newly created varieties regent and panonia, probably the first wines to bear the domestic label of organic. In a conversation with winemaker Branislav Andjelic, hear how they are made, but also discover the latest knowledge when it comes to world organic wine. And as a special moment, there is orange wine from the popular variety of incense made by the traditional method.

Applications are accepted UNTIL TUESDAY JANUARY 19. The price of the tasting, with delivery to your address, one bottle from each label and a link for online attendance at the tasting is RSD 5,900. Payment is made upon delivery of the wine.

Each of these meetings is an ideal opportunity to experience top wines in the right way and safely and talk to the people who make them, without having to travel to the winery because the wines will be delivered to you!

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