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Team building activities for employees improve the atmosphere among colleagues and strengthen team spirit. The fun activities you participate in allow you to see your colleagues in a different light. Through a series of planned team events that are fun and motivating, teams build communication skills, planning, problem solving and conflict resolution.

The most successful and unforgettable gatherings of colleagues are those where employees do not feel like in the office – which is certainly the essence of such events. Research shows that happiness and learning are closely linked. Trying out new things with colleagues can create a good vibe You can create a good vibe among employees, which in turn benefits the business itself. Choosing something unique and a little out of the comfort zone can encourage colleagues to connect in new ways.

Whether it is a classic tourist trip, outdoor activities or indoors, there are always ideal places for all your ideas. What kind of team building are the best? Here are some ideas:

  1. Row kayaks on the Drina, Uvac, Danube


Kayak tours are one of the most fun where you are relaxed on the water at the same time, having fun with colleagues and passing through the most beautiful parts of rivers or lakes. They are performed in stable recreational kayaks and no previous rowing experience is necessary. There are two people in the kayak, and the groups are accompanied by professional instructors. If you choose to kayak on Uvac, the trip can be completed by walking to the attractive lookouts overlooking the meanders of Uvac. If your choice is the Drina, we recommend that you visit the Tara National Park or Drvengrad.

2.Ride bicycles through the forest areas of Zlatibor, Fruška gora, Tara or Zlatar


When was the last time you rode a bicycle? If your answer is “A long time ago, back in elementary school”, it is an ideal opportunity to remind yourself by driving it with colleagues. The mentioned mountains are just some of the destinations where you can ride bicycles and enjoy the landscapes. Fruška gora also offers visits to wineries, farms, so you can complete the business gathering with lunch and a glass of the highest quality wines.

  1. Hike through attractive natural landscapes that provide unforgettable views


Serbia is ideal for walking tours. Walking is one of the oldest types of exercise and still the best modern exercise. Destinations we recommend are Kablar, Tara, Djerdap, Divcibare, Homolje. Depending on your requirements and the physical fitness of the group, walking tours with excursions can last from an hour, two, to a full day of enjoyment.

  1. Overcome obstacles through orienteering and various logical tasks


We advise different team games where you reach the goal from the start, through the given control points. At all times, the competitors must know where they are and based on the introductory lecture and experience in reading the map, they should make decisions about which direction they will go in order to go around the entire track the fastest and find all the checkpoints. Tasks require logical thinking and engagement of the whole team.

If your team is located in Belgrade, a great building team is the research game “Belgrade – the crossroads of civilizations”. The game consists of mysterious directions and puzzles. It is played in teams of 1 to 5 people and lasts about 2 hours. The game can be played by up to 10 different teams at the same time, depending on the speed at which the entire route is covered, and the winner depends. The route goes from the Temple of Saint Sava to Knez Mihailova Street and shows the combination of the old and the new.

  1. Try climbing and learn the technique of vertical descent down a rock


Rock climbing is a challenge and creates excitement and joy for the participants. It can be reported on the rocks of the gorge, where, accompanied by professional instructors, the technique of descending with a rope through the rock is tested. This technique is known in the mountaineering world as the abseil technique. Ideal destinations are Ovčarsko-kablarska gorge, Gornjak, Jelašnička gorge.

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