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Rarely who will remember this year for its beautiful moments, the year of the world pandemic shook each of us, as well as the economies of all countries. Tourism is one of the hardest hit industries. There are a small number of those people who managed to go on vacation in 2020, but what we can do is definitely spend the winter and summer in our country, which abounds in many beautiful places, landscapes and cultural sights.
Have you heard of the term “glamping”? Glamorous camping that is actually the perfect blend of luxury and enjoyment of nature. It has not yet come to life properly in Serbia, there are several places where you will enjoy the charms of birds chirping, the starry sky and the smell of the forest, but with a toilet, a bed and everything you need for everyday rest.

This type of tourist trip is ideal for people who love nature, but are not thrilled with maintaining personal hygiene outdoors. Glamping balances between camping and hotel accommodation, which is why it is becoming more and more attractive all over the world, including in our country. The first country in the Balkans where luxury camping came to life was Slovenia. In this country today, there are about 60 offers for this tourist branch, and among them are five luxury destinations that represent real luxury glamping resorts. The first such complex with luxury facilities was presented by the “Garden Village resort” in Bled, which is among the top 10 glampings in the world.
Although this term sounds unfamiliar to you, although it is believed that the idea of ​​luxury camping originated in the past few years, this concept has existed since the 15th, 16th century, when European and Ottoman rulers slept outside the castles, so they are for those diplomatic expensive tents were prepared for their visits.
This is an activity that protects the environment. Unlike the construction of even smaller hotels, which consume a lot of energy during construction, accommodation in glamp tents or houses mostly relies on elements from nature. Composite toilets, solar panels and self-sustaining gardens are just some of the examples.
Seemingly ordinary tents, houses or bungalows usually have beds, electricity, bathrooms with bath or shower, fully equipped kitchens. Although glamping is conceived essentially as a prototype of camping where you prepare meals on the fire, another advantage of this type of tourist trip is that you can be sure that somewhere near you will be everything you need – shops, restaurants.
The first glamping tent was set up in Serbia three years ago on Mokra Gora. Certainly, we are not even close to European countries and Slovenia, which is close to us, but in this short time, several places have appeared in our country where this type of relaxation is represented.

“Camp Bezdan” near Sombor is a representative of the glamp system in our country. It meets all the conditions: the tents are separated enough from each other to get the impression of a real camping and yet close enough to the restaurant and accompanying facilities. In addition, it offers an unforgettable canoe ride.
Another popular camping heritage is not far from Novi Sad and Belgrade, overlooking the Danube. “Jandala” property is mostly rented in its entirety for seminars, team building or some larger gatherings, but there is a possibility of individual attendance. In addition to the wooden houses for accommodation at the very top of the property, there are six tents, each with two separate beds, tables, a wooden floor and electricity.

In past few years, a variant of accommodation in caves, submarines, reconstructed old planes, trains and cars has appeared in the world, so it is a matter of days when these, somewhat extreme variants of glamping, will arrive in our region.

Tamara Roksandić

Photographs: wikimedia commons

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