The city, which lies on the shores of Skadar Lake, the largest in the Balkans and the Adriatic Sea, traditionally becomes a perfect refuge during the hot summer days in the next few months. The bar is known as one of the most desirable tourist destinations in the region this season thanks to its recognizable beaches over which mountainous landscapes rise, the richness and diversity of content and events, historical and cultural sights that preserve the ancient spirit of the city, authenticity of locals and good offer for all guests. of this Mediterranean city, which on its 505 km2 of natural surface is so rich in everything that modern tourism requires.

Apart from the sun and the sea, unique beaches, bays and equally attractive lake shores, the beauty of the city is the solid shield of the mountains Rumija and Sutormana. At least that is why, believe those who visit it at least once, it is a city that connects differently. Bar is a place of a thousand-year-old tradition, but also a modern city with wide boulevards. Between the old part and the modern port, with the architecture of different styles and modern squares, promenades, boulevards decorated with Mediterranean vegetation, palm trees, pines, leanders and agaves, there is a new part that is constantly evolving. In the hinterland of almost every beach, small towns of holiday homes, villas, hotels, restaurants have sprung up, which together make the ambience of the tourist area of ​​Bar more impressive. In addition, the city is the largest tourist and nautical center at the entrance to the Adriatic Sea.

On two equally beautiful shores, 46 km long sea and 65 km long lake shore, there are beaches that can satisfy the tastes of all guests. Their names already hint at their beauty and attractiveness. Pearl Coast, Gold Coast, Queen’s Beach, Red Beach are just some of them.


Murići is the largest and most beautiful sandy beach on the shores of Lake Skadar. According to the famous tourist site “Lonely Planet”, it is among the top 7 beaches in Montenegro. It is surrounded by untouched nature and next to it there is a restaurant, several wooden bungalows, as well as a landscaped area suitable for camping.

Queen’s Beach is located near the resort of Canj. This small but attractive beach can only be reached from the sea. Due to the ambience, beautiful sand and crystal clear sea, it was the favorite beach of the Montenegrin queen Milena during her stay in the castle on Topolica.

The queen did not go swimming alone, but accompanied the court suites and feathers. They bathed separately, on the neighboring beach called Perjanička plaža. It is a small hidden cove separated by high rocks which can also be accessed only from the sea.

The pearl coast is a pebble beach, 1,100 meters long and 55,000 m2. It is covered with thick layers of fine and multicolored sand of exceptional beauty, after which it got its name. Sometimes the waves are very high, which is a real pleasure for those who like to feel the power of the sea. The sunset on the Pearl Coast is fabulous, which provides an opportunity to enjoy for those who love romantic moments.

Sutomore beach is 1,200 meters long and has a total area of ​​56,000 m2. The sand from this beach helps in treating rheumatic diseases. The beach is nicely organized and the water is clean. Along the beach there are numerous restaurants, cafes, fast food vendors, souvenir shops, so guests can buy almost everything they need during their vacation. There are many entertainment facilities for tourists, both on the beach and in the surrounding restaurants and entertainment facilities. Along the Sutomore Riviera there are countless clubs, restaurants, cafes, discos, amusement parks.

Red beach is located in a small bay between Sutomore and Bar. It was named after the distinct red color of the sand. There is a legend attached to this beach, that on a high cliff above it, sea nymphs Nereids gathered and combed their hair with coral combs. Their laughter and song were heard far and wide, but it was not allowed to talk about it because people would be speechless.

Veliki pijesak is a beach located in Dobra Voda, between Bar and Ulcinj. The main beach is mostly pebble, and in some places sandy. Due to the open sea, the waves are frequent, but its water is very clean. Around the beach there are a large number of restaurants, fast food facilities as well as facilities for private accommodation, apartments and hotels.

Frequent changes of various conquerors and rulers in this area left their mark, so that today there are over 30 cultural monuments in Bar. The most important is the Old Bar, which has existed for more than 2,500 years and represents a unique synthesis of the Mediterranean and the Orient. It is about 4 km away from today’s Bar, located on a large rock, protected on three sides by cliffs, while along the west side it is secured by ramparts. The remains of 240 buildings are located in the city, with narrow winding streets and irregular squares. The buildings are built of hewn stone, on one or more floors. Several buildings such as: hammam, gunpowder and Sat-kula were built in the Turkish era, as well as the aqueduct which supplied Stari Bar with drinking water. There are also several remains of sacral buildings from the Middle Ages in the city.


At least it is known for the Old Olive, whose origin dates back to 2,240 years ago, which is why it is considered one of the 3 oldest trees in Europe. Legend has it that gatherings of quarreling families were held around the olive tree, where their reconciliation would take place, so the place where it is located is called Mirovica. The Bar area has more than a hundred thousand olive trees from which the famous Bar olive oil is made.


Throughout the year, and especially during the tourist season, numerous cultural, entertainment and sports events, concerts of popular and classical music, theater performances, and art exhibitions are organized on the summer stages in Bar. Thus, guests in Bar, regardless of their interests and age, easily find adequate content for themselves.

City games – jubilee, the tenth season of this entertainment program, reminiscent of the former legendary “Games without Borders” brings together competitors from several countries in the region: Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia. As part of the international tour of the competition, Bar will host a sports spectacle on June 28 this year.

The “Bar Chronicle” festival, which is being held for the thirty-second time this year, will last from June 30 to August 18 and will include 60 programs in the field of theater, music, literature, art and film art. This cultural event is recognizable in the region, traditionally promotes culture and valuable artistic content characteristic of Bar and Montenegro and brings together some of the most eminent artists from the former Yugoslavia, but also from Europe and the world.


Summer with the Stars is an annual music event of the Tourist Organization of Bar, which is held every Friday in July and August on the promenade of King Nikola, gathering numerous music stars of the region who perform with the best local bands and soloists. Just some of the performers who will have a concert at this year’s edition of the event that starts on July 5 are: Electric Orgasm, Rundek and crew, Dženan Lončarević, Tropico Band, Ana Kokić, Jelena Rozga, Nataša Bekvalac…


In addition to these, the most famous, there are numerous events such as Šušanj Night, Spič Night and the Grape Festival, which are an ideal opportunity for visitors to get acquainted with local folklore, customs and authentic gastronomy.

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